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Welcome fellow X-Fileans. Yes, i love the X-files. That’s pretty much a given. But what you don’t know is I also like tasty fare—sweets!—great films (any fans of the 1982 classic, Sophie’s Choice?–dang, leave me a note and let’s get together, have ourselves an online meet-up party!), oh yes Meryl Streep and tadaaaa!


Fast cars, cool cars, grease machines of the 50’s, hotrodders of the 60’s, hippies of the 70’s and my oh my the luxury cars that boomed during the 80’s from the Rolls Royce exclusive editions that came out with a price queue that ran to seven, maybe even eight, figures.

The new car models are also high on the cool factor and seeing that I’m an X-File fanatic, the Pagani Zonda made quite an impression when it first came out. See my posts on these later.

That’s me. Ta-ta.


Scully: “Why do you always have to drive? because you’re the guy? You’re the big macho man?”

Mulder: “No. I was just never sure if your little feet could reach the pedals.”


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